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COSIO is the President Unit of Foshan Lighting Association; it is an independent import and export enterprise with lighting research and development, lighting design and production.     

COSIO Achievement


  • 2015 Intellectual property demonstration enterprises in Guangdong;
  • 2015 China LED first award for Excellence Award
  • 2014 Foshan science and Technology Design Excellence Award
  • 2013 China Hotel industry gold supplier
  • 2013 Foshan's most growth of small and medium enterprises
  • 50 international patents and 300 China patents achieved so far;
  • 9 authorized China Trademarks and 1 European Union Trademark;
  • 20 Certificates of Copyright registration;
  • 2009-2011 continuously awarded Best Patent Of Foshan Chancheng District;
  • 2011 Star of Innovative Design Issued by Brand Foshan;
  • 2011 Best Green Protection Prize in Enterprise Division of Lion Cup International Innovation Design Competition of Electric Appliances & Electronics;
  • 2011 Best Patent Award of Guangdong Province
  • 13th China Best Patent
  • International Guangdong Preponderant Enterprise of Intellectual Property,
  • Guangdong High-Tech Private Enterprise;
  • Intellectual Property Strong Enterprise of Foshan Chancheng;
  • First Pilot Enterprise of IntellectualProperty, Chancheng, Foshan,  

Our range of main products includes: 

  • LED luminaries
  • LED commercial lighting
  • LED home lighting 
  • LED security lighting, etc, 

which are best selling to oversea countries of EU and the U.S. Cosio forms and establishes strong business partnerships with world leading lighting brands PHILIP and NLC. Additionally Cosio is in the strategic cooperation with China Media Lighting to exploit domestic and oversea markets by combining Cosio’s Design and Production with Media’s branding, capital and distribution channels. Meanwhile Cosio is in good cooperation with Foshan Nation Star Optoelectronics Group and Blue Rocket Electronics Group.

Cosio thrives to strength in R&D ability. We established Foshan South Center Semi-conductor Lighting Institute and Foshan Chanchen Lighting Intelligent Engineering and Technology Research Center, supported and run by a group of distinct structure and electric engineers. Additionally, we start enterprise-university cooperation program with South China University of Technology (SCUT) Sun Yat-sen University in terms of Industry, Academics and Research. Cosio proposed and established a designation theory----LED Sentinaire™, and achieved a breakthrough in terms of LED thermal system and functions.     

26 Oct, 2010, Cosio has officially achieved SGS certificate of Carbon Labeling, which means this certification initially authorized to Foshan lighting industry of China. As an export enterprise of LED lighting, Cosio has established solid strategic relationship with NLC, the European second largest lighting group, and BRUMBERG in terms of the R&D in SENTINAIRE™ products. With this carbon labeling tagged on our products, it improves Cosio enterprise image. Meanwhile, based on approving company’s sub-total carbon emission load, Cosio is checking and approving carbon emission load of each sub-dividable LED product in 2012, leading the consumption trend of low carbon for lighting market.


The theory of founder of Sentinaire lighting 
------President of position of Mr.Wu Yulin

  • Chairman of Guangdong Cosio Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of Foshan Lighting Association
  • Director of Foshan Semiconductor Lighting Research Institue of South Central
  • Deputy director of the Municipal Industrial Design Institute
  • Visiting Professor of Foshan University electronic and information engineering department
  • Visiting Professor of Foshan Polytechni electronic and information department


Personal Honors

  • The ten-good science and technology character
  • The top-ten person of Lighting Industry
  • Foshan first venture leader talent
  • The outstanding enterpriser of promoting independent innovation in Guangdong province
  • The hero of "20 years Legend" (1992-2012) in Guangzhou lighting electrical industry
  • Foshan scientific and technological innovation model
  • The outstanding award about appearance design of science and technology in Foshan
  • Guangdong Patent award-Inventor award
  • Three times to obtain the China Patent excellence award



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