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2015 Achievement
Intellectual property demonstration enterprises in Guangdong China LED first award for Excellence Award
2014 Achievement
Foshan science and Technology Design Excellence Award
2013 Achievement
2013, Guangdong Province pATENT Excellence Award;
2013, Chinese patent Excellence Award
2013, Foshan's most growth of small and medium enterprises
2013, China hotel industry gold supplier

2012 Achievement

2012, Cosio was awarded China Red Star Design Award;
2012, Candidate Prize, Nominee Award of the 6th Governor Cup Industry Design Competition;
2012, Mr. Wu Yulin was awarded and appointed as Distinguished Entrepreneur of Motivation
           for Self-dependent Innovation;

2012,Mr. Wu Yulin was awarded 20-Year Legend(1992-2012) Meritorious person in
           Ilumination and Electrics industry of Guangdong Province;

2012, COSIO was awarded 20-Year Legend(1992-2012) Latest Innovative Enterprise in Illumination 
           and Electrics industry of Guangdong Province;

2012, COSIO was Sponsor and Planning for Foshan Zumiao Museum LED Renewal Lighting Project;
2012, The 3rd Prize of Foshan Competition Economics & Information Cup Excellent Industry Design Union 
            Competition of The 6th Governor Cup Industry Design Competition;

2012, Nominee Award of the 8th Dongguan Cup International Industry Design Competition;

2012, COSIO was awarded the Excellent Enterprise Award of XINGSHI CUP International Innovative 
            Design Competition of Electric Appliance and Electronics;

2012, Mr. Wu Yulin of Cosio, was awarded as FOSHAN Leading Talent of Business Establishment;
2009-2012, Cosio was continuously awarded Best Patented Product of Chancheng, Foshan.

2011 Achievement

2011, Mr.Wu Yulin of Cosio, was appoint as Vise Director of Semi-conductror(LED) Committee of Guangdong Lighting and Electronic Association;
2011, Cosio was awarded China Best Appearance Design;
2011, Cosio was awarded Best Patent of Guangdong Province;
2011, Cosio was awarded Star of Design and Innovation by Foshan Television;
2011, COSIO was awarded the World Top Ten LED APPLICATION BRAND of Lighting Industry;
2011, COSIO was awarded the Best Green Award of LION CUP International Innovative Design Competition of Electric Appliance and Electronics;
2011, Mr.Wu Yulin was awarded op Ten Influential Men of the World Lighting Industry.

2010 Achievement

2010 Cosio was appointed as President Unit of Foshan Lighting Association;
2010, Cosio was appointed as Superior Enterprise of Intellectual Property of Guangdong Province by Property Office of Guangdong Province;
 2010, Cosio was appoint as Governing Unit of Foshan Chancheng Association of Intellectual Property Protection;
2010, Cosio was awarded The Most Influential Brand of China Lighting Industry;
2010,Cosio was awarded China Top Ten LED Brand.

2009 Achievement

Sep. 2009 Cosio was awarded Good Supplier Certificate issued by German TUV Authority;
Jul. 2009, Cosio was appointed as Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property By Foshan Chancheng Intellectual Property Office;
2009, Cosio was appointed as Guangdong Privately Owned Science & Technology Enterprise” issued by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province;
2009. Mr.Wu Yulin of Cosio was awarded 5th Top Ten Technology Person of Chancheng District, Foshan.



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