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2009,Cosio raised a lighting designing concept----Sentinaire® Lighting. Based on human sentiment and emotion, it is aimed at creating various lightings to meet satisfaction to different human psychological need. Sentinaire® Lighting is an alive and dynamic way for illumination so as to provide what users need for their spiritual demands.
      Additionally, Sentinaire® Lighting is eco-friendly with energy saving, health, intelligence and humanization. Sentinaire® is raised to lead the future LED development and it breaks the situation that designing concept is monopolized by west lighting magnates for long. 
Colourful Spaces designed for children are fit for their nature of innocence, also the bright colour, especially red, green, blue, and yellow and etc, will bring the feelings of hope and life. For those kids whose characteristics are week and reserved, adopting colour with strong contract, such as red, blue and yellow, could stimulate their neural development. Whilst for those who are perversely irritable, the most suitable light for them should be elegantly simple colour, such as green and blue, which is used to build up a healthy mind.
Young people mostly have their own dreams, and the vivid characteristics of them are enthusiastic, energetic and hopeful for their future. For youth who keen on their dream, bright and shining colours, including green, pink, and lemon yellow and etc, meets their psychological demands.
When in middle age, people are coming across great pressure in the period of life, statistics present that 70% of middle-aged are in the state of sub-health. Many people still are suffering from depression. In this sense, wide vision and flashing colours could have these people fill with hope and passion; whilst some specified colours, which is blue, green and pink, could have good impression to middle-aged including healthy psychological hint.
The Aged
The colour of yellow and green implies sense of security. These very colours not only have the aged feel warm and comfy, but also bring good psychological hints to them, such as healthy, fashion and young impression.


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