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OEM and ODM Service:
COSIO concentrates on design, production, research and development of lighting products; we provide professional OEM and ODM services to full range of lighting products. Our product lines include: 

COSIO owns a professional R&D team with years’ experience of indoor lighting design and production; we offer customers different OEM and ODM services, which are
Product Modification & Improvement :
     For existing product, we provide services such as drawing adjust, improvement, material selection and production
     For designed drawings, we offer improvement solution, and provide professional suggestion according to production need in practices and proceed to final production.
Product Design and Production
     According to potential need of target market from customers, we provide systematic development, design and production of lighting products.

With COSIO’s insistent hard working, our product quality and design quality have been accepted and approved by our customers. Since 2004, COSIO has been cooperating more than 60 international lighting brands till now.


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