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Cosio thrives to provide our professional service to lighting projects, our strength and advantage is to bring Green and Energy Saving to each project application, and we specially design and provide proper lighting project as per specified project needs, which can help efficiently reduce energy cost and produce more economic profitability. Moreover, these could bring higher security, more comfortable environment and better user experience.


For response to the call from government on green and energy saving to environment, COSIO provides professional lighting project services to various indoor construction and indoor environments, including underground parking, shopping mall, hotel and restaurant, exhibition hall, etc. With practical assessment and calculation, each green and energy saving projects we did had averagely save up the bill by about 60%.


In order to better reach satisfaction to different application of project needs, COSIO focuses on R&D in special lighting products, which combine with security protection, practical functions and high use flexibility, our products are designed more humanized and intelligent. Here are partial patent products from COSIO:

     Modular Series---LED Tube

     LED Series with Liquid Thermal System

     Stainless Steel LED Downlight Series

     360 Degree Rotation LED Sensing Bulb

     Modular Track Light Series

COSIO works with a multidisciplinary team, whose professionals include electronic engineers, product design and development, project managing, professional execution technician, quality check and detection and after sales services. Based on these, we can be able to ensure the completion to projects with higher security level, more systematic management and better project quality.


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